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Lorna Williams

  • Fellow 2021
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Professor of Indigenous Education and Linguistics
University of Victoria

    Dr. Lorna Wanosts’a7 Williams is Professor Emerita of Indigenous Education, Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Victoria and Canada Research Chair in Education and Linguistics. She developed authoritative curricula in Indigenous language revitalization by using traditional teaching and learning practices. Her courses were also revolutionary for their inclusion of Indigenous pedagogy, spiritual leaders and knowledge keepers. She has indelibly strengthened language reclamation and revitalization in Canada. 

    At the University of Victoria, Dr. Williams initiated and led the development of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Indigenous Language Revitalization, and a Master’s in Counselling in Indigenous Communities. She also initiated, designed, and implemented a mandatory course in Indigenous Education for all teacher education students, leading to the requirement that all teacher education programs in British Columbia include an Indigenous Education course. 

    She received the Order of Canada in December 2020.