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Lily-Cannelle Mathieu

  • Scholar 2023
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PHD candidate in Anthropology
McGill University

    Lily-Cannelle (she/her) is a PhD student in Anthropology at McGill University. 

    With her doctoral research, she proposes a phenomenological, sensorial and feminist approach to computer vision artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Lily-Cannelle completed a Master's degree in Knowledge Transfer and Mobilization at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS) and a Joint Honours undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Art History at McGill University.

    In the context of her Master’s degree, she focused on the sociological aspects of content discovery and recommendation algorithms in the cultural industries. For her Joint Honours degree, she conducted ethnographic field research on the different temporalities of a historical garden in Hiroshima, Japan, as well as theoretical research on art photographs depicting radioactive landscapes. 

    A Vanier-SSHRC and FRQSC doctoral fellow, Lily-Cannelle has notably been a researcher for Professor Karine Gentelet’s Abéona-ÉNS-OBVIA Chair on Artificial Intelligence and Social Justice (2020-2022) and for INRS’ Fernand-Dumont Chair on Culture. 

    Lily-Cannelle is the President of the Board of Directors of Montreal’s International Ethnographic Film Festival (FIFEQ-MTL), a festival for which she has been volunteering since 2019, and has been involved in numerous student committees, journals, initiatives and associations.