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Kit Chokly

  • Scholar 2024
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Communications Studies
McGill University

    Kit Chokly (he/they) is an anglophone Ph.D. student in Communication Studies at McGill University in Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang/Montréal. Kit’s research uses affect theory to explore the socioeconomic structures of digital technologies and their impacts on trans community-building, resource-sharing, and everyday life. 

    Kit completed his Master's degree in Communication Studies at Carleton University, where he wrote his Master’s thesis on digital media and trans world-building. They also completed their undergraduate degree in Communication and Media Studies at Carleton, which culminated in an award-winning Honours Research Paper exploring the intertwined social and ecological history of reproductive hormones.

    Kit is a Tomlinson Doctoral Fellow and holds a SSHRC Doctoral Scholarship and a Governor General’s Academic Medal. He currently works on Dr. Laura Horak’s Transgender Media Portal, which aims to help circulate the diversity of trans-made audiovisual media to the public. Currently the Co-President of the McGill Art History and Communication Studies Graduate Association, Kit runs workshops and offers peer support to help others access post-secondary education. They hope to use the Scholarship program to further these initiatives and support their research identifying and addressing the systemic inequities of today’s digital media environment.