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Jocelyn Downie

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Faculties of Law and Medicine at Dalhousie Unversity

Jocelyn Downie is a professor in the Faculties of Law and Medicine at Dalhousie University. She first trained in philosophy at Queen's University and the University of Cambridge -- all with an emphasis on bioethics. She then shifted to law and completed her LLB at the University of Toronto and her LLM and SJD at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Jocelyn's professional career began in bioethics at the Westminster Institute for Ethics and Human Values in London, Ontario. She began her professional career in law clerking for Chief Justice Lamer of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Bringing the two together, she then directed the Health Law Institute at Dalhousie University for ten years. Of particular relevance to her Trudeau project, Jocelyn served as the special consultant to the Senate Committee on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, published Dying Justice: A Case for the Decriminalization of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide (which won the Abbyann D. Lynch Medal in Bioethics from the Royal Society of Canada), and was a member of the legal team in Carter v. Canada and of the Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel on End of Life Decision-Making. She is used to discuss assisted death in venues from high schools to regional professional meetings to conferences around the world; through media spanning academic journals, blogs, radio, television; and with audiences ranging from hospital patients to healthcare providers, legal practitioners, academics, politicians, civil servants, and the general public.