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Jeffrey Simpson

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National affairs columnist
The Globe and Mail

    Jeffrey Simpson is national affairs columnist for The Globe and Mail since 1984, having joined the newspaper in 1974. He has studied at the University of Toronto Schools, Queen's University and the London School of Economics.

    Mr. Simpson has published six books - Discipline of Power (1980); Spoils of Power(1988); Faultiness, Struggling for a Canadian Vision (1993); The Anxious Years (1996);Star-Spangled Canadians (2000); and The Friendly Dictatorship: Reflections on Canadian Democracy (2001). He has won all three of Canada's leading literary prizes - the Governor-General's award for non-fiction book writing, the National Magazine Award for political writing, and the National Newspaper Award for column writing. He has also won the Hyman Solomon Award for excellence in public policy journalism. He has been awarded honorary doctorates of laws from the University of British Columbia, the University of Western Ontario and the University of Manitoba.

    Mr. Simpson has been a member of the board of trustees at Queen's University; the board of overseers at Green College, University of British Columbia, and the editorial board of The Queen's Quarterly. He has been vice-chairman of the City of Ottawa Library Board and was awarded the William Watkinson Award for outstanding contributions to the Canadian Library community