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Jasmine Mah

  • Scholar 2021
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Internal Medicine (Geriatrics)
Dalhousie University

    Jasmine Mah is a resident doctor who is passionate about caring for older adults. She holds an MD from the University of Ottawa and an MSc from the London School of Economics and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. As part of the Clinician Investigator and Internal Medicine Programs at Dalhousie University, Jasmine’s doctoral research uses epidemiology and statistics to better understand how social vulnerability and frailty influence health outcomes, use of healthcare resources, and long-term care placement.    

    As a nationally recognized advocate in geriatric medicine, Jasmine also focuses on building partnerships between patients, policymakers, and frontline healthcare workers to promote health systems innovation as part of the Geriatric Medicine Research Group. Jasmine's interests in healthcare and aging are inspired by family experiences with the long-term care system; her work strives to provide solutions for older adults to live, age and receive healthcare and social care with dignity in the home of their choice, even in circumstances that limit their autonomy. Just as caring for the elderly is a community effort, Jasmine would like to thank her family and mentors for their support.