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Jane Jenson

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Professor in political science
University of Montreal

    Jane Jenson is a professor of political science at the University of Montreal and, in 2001, was appointed holder of the Canada Research Chair of Citizenship and Governance. She also edits the journal Lien social et Politiques - RIAC, a France-Quebec review of social policy.

    Professor Jenson's research and publications span a broad range of topics related to policy analysis, including social movements, relations between Quebec and the rest of Canada, citizenship, diversity, feminist studies, family policy, day care services and care for the elderly. "My interests have always turned on questions of social solidarity and social justice what do we owe each other, what do we believe we owe to each other, to what forms of sharing are we committed"

    She directed the Family Network of the Canadian Policy Research Networks from 1999 to 2003, and has been a visiting professor at many European universities, as well as Harvard University, where she held the Mackenzie King Chair of Canadian Studies.

    She published (with Mariette Sineau) Qui doit garder le jeune enfant Les représentations du travail des mères dans l'Europe en crise in 1998. A reworked version appeared in 2001: Who Cares Women's Work, Child Care and Welfare State Redesign.

    "The Fellowship provides the opportunity to network widely and therefore collect ideas and research findings from many parts of the globe. In addition, through programming of the Foundation I encounter young people and others with whom I would probably never come in contact with in the ordinary course of events."