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Danielle Juteau

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Professor of sociology / Co-founder / Member of the editorial board
Université de Montréal / Université de Montréal's Centre for Ethnic Studies / Journal Ethnic and Racial Studies

    Danielle Juteau is a professor emeritus in the Department of Sociology at the Université de Montréal. Her teaching and research deal with the articulation of gender and ethnic social relations and with the relationship between citizenship, pluralism and social equality.

    As one of the first academics to offer courses in feminist studies, Professor Juteau developed an anti-essentialist perspective of social categories and identity formation, which she views in terms of power imbalances and structural constraints. The recognition she has earned internationally stems from her contribution to the understanding of ethnic relations in the current world system, where ethnic group formation is seen as historically constructed, embodying both objective and subjective dimensions. Professor Juteau founded the Université de Montréal's Centre for Ethnic Studies in 1991 (CEETUM) and was the first person to hold the chair in ethnic relations (1991-2003).

    A member of the Royal Society of Canada since 1996, Professor Juteau was awarded the ACFAS Prix Marcel-Vincent in 2001. She was the chair of Canadian studies at the Université Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle in 2001 and was named a fellow of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation in 2003. York University awarded her an honorary doctorate in 2007. Professor Juteau was a member of the Advisory Committee for the Successful Societies group of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research from 2005 to 2012 and she is currently a member of the Collection IntersectionS in Paris.

    Professor Juteau's many written works include Social Differentiation. Patterns and Processes (ed.), University of Toronto, 2003, L'ethnicité et ses frontières, Montréal, PUM, 1999, second edition in press (2014); and, with Nicole Laurin, Un métier et une vocation. Le travail des religieuses au Québec de 1901 à 1971, Montréal, PUM, 1997.