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    Before retiring in 2011, Chuck Blyth served as the superintendent of Nahanni National Park Reserve. He is a member of the board and a past president of the Open Sky Creative Society, a prominent Northern organization that advocates and supports all forms of creative arts in the North. He is also an accomplished northern artist. He served on the Board of Directors of Katimavik for several years.

    Mr. Blyth was born in Calgary and graduated from the University of Calgary as a bachelor of botany in 1977. He received a technical diploma from Lakeland College in Resource Management in 1979 and a master's of agriculture food and nutrition from the University of Alberta in 1995.

    As a father of four boys, he became involved in hockey and lacrosse both coaching in and administering minor leagues and organizations throughout Alberta and the Northwest Territories, most notably serving as the vice-president of NWT Hockey. This work caused Mr. Blyth to become deeply interested in youth engagement, civic duty and volunteerism, all of which he advocated as a member of the Board of Directors of Katimavik.

    Mr. Blyth has worked for Parks Canada from 1979 to 2011, serving in Banff, Elk Island, Wood Buffalo, Calgary, the national office, and Nahanni. He was a grizzly bear research technician, a park warden, a chief warden, a national warden service coordinator, a GIS specialist, a park ecologist, a data management specialist and an ecosystem secretariat manager. He is presently a consultant at Blyth and Bathe Inc.