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Caroline Foray

  • Scholar 2023
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PhD candidate in social work - Université de Montréal.

    Caroline Foray is a PhD candidate in social work at the Université de Montréal, where she draws on her experience and multidisciplinary training in the arts, education and social work to explore the links and opportunities between the arts and social justice.

    Her work focuses on community-based critical research and arts-based research. Her PhD thesis examines the promotion of creative and relevant models of intervention for communities affected by anti-black racism and explores the extent to which these models may be relevant in terms of healing, citizen conversation and engagement, and political action.

    As a researcher, practitioner and engaged citizen, she has been involved with community organizations, associations, and committees for many years. She is co-president of Prima Danse and the student committee of the Canadian Association for Social Work Education and is involved with the Clinique transculturelle Jean-Talon.