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Barbara Grantham

  • Mentor 2022
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President and CEO
CARE Canada

    Barbara Grantham has a 30+ year career in Canada’s nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, having held roles with national and international insight and networks. In early 2020, just at the onset of the global pandemic, she took up the role of President and CEO of CARE Canada, one of Canada’s largest international humanitarian and development organizations, and part of the CARE International Confederation. She now divides her time between Ontario and B.C.

    Barbara brings notable professional experience and success as both a senior executive and consultant. Her career has, in many ways, been aligned with some of Canada’s most important national conversations including mental health and addiction, homelessness, reconciliation, indigenous health, health care innovation and technology, and women’s and children’s health. In her role with CARE, she is now a key player in the conversation on Canada’s wider role in the world and how we ensure a gender-just recovery for women, girls and non-binary people here in Canada and around the world.

    Barbara thrives in opportunities that stimulate dialogue on important public policy issues with organizations and teams that share an innovative and ambitious vision, are committed to excellence, and welcome new ideas and change.