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Anick Desrosiers

  • Scholar 2021
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Social work
McGill University

    Anick Desrosiers is a doctoral student at McGill University's School of Social Work. Building upon her intimate, professional, and academic experience of life on the streets, Anick has established and led a community of practice in mental health and homelessness, as well as a psychotherapeutic outreach program for people experiencing homelessness, in collaboration with Doctors of the World Canada. She currently accompanies unsheltered women at Montreal's La rue des Femmes.

    With and for the homeless people, and in support of field workers, she commits, through an ethnographic approach, to furthering our collective understanding of the impacts of the traumatic life courses that precede and follow the experience of life on the street, that they may be better taken into account. Known for her determination and her ability to turn knowledge into collaborative action, she hopes to continue to mobilize people towards forming a society that is proud of the active care that it embodies, where each human being can find a roof and a sense of belonging in their community.