30 January 2018

A growing number of domestic and international legal regimes are adopting provisions prohibiting sex- and race-based discrimination. Against this background, how do courts approach intersectional cases of discrimination, in which multiple categories of difference are involved and generate a unique form of lived discrimination? By engaging with discrimination legal cases, Ido Katri recognizes intersectional harms and facilitates a broader systemic account of exclusion. His article, “The banishment of Isaac: Racial signifiers of gender performance,” has been published in the University of Toronto Law Journal. Ido Katri is a 2016 Trudeau scholar and a doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law. Read the full publication here.

Ido Katri

Ido Katri (law, University of Toronto) is proposing an approach to promoting gender self-determination that accounts for the diversity of transgendered people’s unique challenges and values their lived experiences of the law.

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