3 December 2018

Each year, the Foundation awards doctoral scholarships to candidates from Canada and abroad researching one or more of the following themes: human rights and dignity, responsible citizenship, Canada and the world, and people and their natural environment. The three-year Scholarship program provides generous support for doctoral work in the form of a research stipend as well as funding for research-related travel.   

As the Foundation embarks on a period of new beginnings, we are delighted to increase from 15 to 20 the number of doctoral scholarships available in 2019 for bold, original and pioneering researchers. What’s more, we are bolstering the scholarships program by putting added emphasis on leadership training for Scholars. The Foundation is committed to developing engaged leaders who are eager to contribute to public dialogue and act as societal agents of change.  

Intercultural and Inclusive Institutes for Engaged Leadership  

The Foundation is also launching an unprecedented initiative: an Institute for Engaged Leadership that will travel over time to different places and spaces, from Washington to Yellowknife, and beginning in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.  

"This intensive and intercultural training will encourage scholars to excel intellectually, to play a dynamic role in their community and to cultivate inclusive leadership," said the Foundation's President and Chief Executive Officer, Pascale Fournier. 

The program’s new concentration on leadership reinforces the Foundation’s focus on developing the leaders of tomorrow, for a Canada that is stronger, more inclusive and better equipped to take on the challenges it must face. 

Fellows and Mentors in support of Scholars’ leadership development 

Engaged leaders don’t emerge without networks, mentors, and role models. So, the Foundation is also launching calls for Mentors – practitioners from various walks of life who are distinguished by their capacity for social innovation – and Fellows – outstanding professors and researchers in the humanities and social sciences. Mentors and Fellows will be tasked with assisting in the development of the Scholars’ leadership skills. 

Note that academics wishing to be Fellows should from now on apply directly to the Foundation, rather than being nominated by the universities with which they are affiliated.  

Peter Sahlas, Foundation member and Director, says the 2019 competition marks a turning point: I see the Foundation moving to another level, as a unique organization in Canada, supporting the most cutting-edge research that is being done in this country in the humanities and social sciences. The Foundation is now at a stage where its community has burgeoned, has matured, and we’re ready now to move to the next level to generate more results and more impact for Canada and the world.” 

It is important to note that the Foundation is looking to have its Scholars, Mentors and Fellows form a reflexion of Canada and the diversity of its citizens, cultures and communities. Equally, it is a priority for the Foundation that First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples apply for these roles.  

All the information on the 2019 competition is available here: Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation - Programs