Tim Duboyce, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation's new Director of Communications

The Foundation is going through some exciting new changes. Following the appointment of Ron Bergamin on August 6th, it welcomes Tim Duboyce in the position of Director of Communications, effective August 7th, 2018. He will plan, manage and oversee the Foundation’s information, communications, promotional and public relations activities.

With more than 20 years of communications experience, Tim Duboyce began his career in media, occupying positions from assignment editor, to journalist, to lead producer, and program host at the CBC, before joining the private sector and working as a consultant in public relations.

Recognized for his expertise in strategic consulting, writing and creative storytelling, as well as his experience working on matters dealing with Indigenous communities and community relations, Tim brings a background of remarkable depth, giving him a comprehensive vision of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation's needs in communications.


Welcome to the Foundation, Tim!