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Marie-Andrée Pigeon-Turenne

  • Team 2021
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Event Coordinator
Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation

As an event coordinator for the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, Marie-Andrée’s mandate is to ensure the success of the leadership program's activities, namely the Institutes of Engaged Leadership.   

 Marie-Andrée has worked with many multinational corporations and entrepreneurs as a former Community Manager with Regus business center, were she offered them a working environment tailored to their needs. Her professional experiences include working at CHU Sainte-Justine, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and a variety of municipalities, give her a valuable insight about operating in different environments.  

Marie-Andrée is a member of the Québec Chartered Administrators and holds a master’s degree in Administration and International Trade. Marie-Andrée constantly seeks to increase her knowledge and to nurture meaningful professional relationships. She holds a bachelor's degree in Cultural Animation and Research as well as a college diploma in Arts and Letters, focused on languages and culture. 
A cultural buff, Marie-Andrée is trilingual and intends to learn more languages in the future. Educational trips to multiple countries increased her openness to the world, as well as her curiosity and enthusiasm towards different cultures and local practices.