Become a scholar

How do I apply for a doctoral scholarship from the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation?


  Make sure you are eligible.


  When the competition opens in early September, fill out your registration request form. Once you have been granted access to our Portal you will be able to complete your online submission.


  If you are eligible, you will receive a username and password within 96 business hours (check your spam folder).


  Complete your online application form by filling out your contact information in the ‘Contact’ section of the portal and by filling out your submission form in the ‘Draft’ section of the portal.





To request your three (3) letters of reference, enter the email address of your referees in the box provided. An email will automatically be sent to them, asking them to attach their reference letter in PDF format directly into our portal. Make sure you follow up with them. The letters will be attached to your file. You must have:

  • Two (2) letters written and signed by academic referees dealing primarily with the quality of your academic work;
  • One (1) letter written and signed by a non-academic referee dealing with other aspects of your application (e.g. capacity of leadership, communication skills, etc.).


  Upload the transcripts for all of your post-secondary studies, including your CEGEP transcript, for candidates who attended CEGEP in Quebec. 


  At the same time, inform your university that you are submitting an application and check the internal deadline set by your university with the person in charge of scholarships


  Your university will have until December 8, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. (PST) to submit up to eight (8) files from all internal applications received to the Foundation, attaching a letter of nomination from a high-ranking official of the institution (president, vice-president, dean of graduate studies, etc.). In the case of foreign universities, up to six (6) names may be submitted. 


  An acknowledgement will be sent only to those applicants whose file is submitted by a university. 

What are my commitments as a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation scholar?


  I agree to take part in the Foundation's annual events (Summer Institute, Conference).


  I agree to develop a relationship with my mentor by communicating regularly with her/him. 


  I agree to work on research in collaboration with Foundation community members.


  I agree to collaborate with the non-academic milieu and the general public.


  I agree to submit two reports per year. 

For more details, read section 2 in 2017 Funding Agreement

Privacy Statement

All information provided to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is subject to Canada’s Access to Information Act and Privacy Act. The Privacy Act allows candidates to access, upon request and with the referee’s agreement, personal information about themselves in letters of reference. The identity of the referee will remain confidential. For more information, please consult our Policies.