– <a href="http://www.fondationtrudeau.ca/fr/communaute/rene-provost">René Provost</a>, lauréat Trudeau 2015</p>

The Trudeau fellowship is remarkable in two respects. First, it provides far more flexible funding than the funding agencies of the governments of Quebec and Canada. Second, it has ushered me into a truly amazing community of researchers who enrich my own thinking in many ways. It is a real joy to interact with them.

René Provost, 2015 Trudeau fellow

I will use my Trudeau fellowship to begin an Initiative for Indigenous Futures to explore the Aboriginal ‘future imaginary.’ The Initiative will be a platform for imagining the future of Aboriginal communities in Canada from multiple perspectives, where scholars, creators, technologists, and cultural and political activists concerned with the long-term future of Aboriginal communities can exchange ideas about where we are going. The first 500 years of Indigenous-settler relations have been deeply problematic; the Initiative will gather our best thinkers and makers to help build a better next 500 years.

– Jason-Edward Lewis, 2014 Trudeau fellow

I plan to host several workshops to bring together academics and practitioners in order to foster research synergies that will help advance knowledge and raise public awareness about global environmental and food security issues. Access to the wider Trudeau Foundation community will also enrich my work in important ways through the exchange of ideas and insights with Trudeau scholars and mentors working on related issues.

– Jennifer Clapp, 2013 Trudeau fellow

Trudeau fellows, in the public arena 

Jurist and 2013 Trudeau fellow at the University of Toronto Kent Roach and his colleague Craig Forcese contributed to the public debate on Bill C-51 by addressing various legal, political, and social aspects of the draft anti-terrorism legislation in numerous opinion pieces and interviews in the national media.

François Crépeau, a 2008 Trudeau fellow at McGill University, informed public discussion about the European refugee crisis through his statements as United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants.

Following the publication of his new book on the clash between scientific knowledge and the cult of celebrity, Timothy Caulfield, 2013 Trudeau fellow at the University of Alberta, took to the media to highlight the perverse effects of celebrities’ ability to attract media attention and bias opinions about important health-related issues.

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