Engaged Leadership Institutes


Fellows and Mentors are chosen with a view to having them organize Institutes on Engaged Leadership in the course of a scientific cycle. They will organize the content for each Institute. Fellows and Mentors from each cohort must attend at least one Institute.  

The key goal of the Institutes is to teach and encourage Scholars to take the time to listen and understand, as a necessary prelude towards effective action. Fellows and Mentors are charged with furthering this goal. 

The first stage of the Institute for Engaged Leadership, which the Pierre-Elliott Trudeau Foundation will run in 2019, will focus on the dynamic relationship between "Power and Knowledge" 

Power represents authority and the ability to set and impose standards. Knowledge is understanding authority, where it is derived and through which mechanisms and structures. 

Power and knowledge are related; knowledge is power. Understanding this relationship and the roots of power imbalances offers the means to criticize, transform, and change the balance of power.


The following themes will be at the core of the Institutes in 2019-2020:  

  • Inequality of power, and exclusion  

  • Altering relations of power, and inclusion 

  • Marginalized groups, marginalized thinking 

  • Reconciliation 

The first Institute for Engaged Leadership will be held in November 2019 in Washington, D.C.

The second Institute will be held in March 2020 in Yellowknife