The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation’s Future Forums heard ideas and insights from communities in every province and territory on two themes: Inclusive Excellence and Engaged Leadership. From art and theatre, to professional opportunities, social advancement and equity, the common denominator of these themes was visibility and participation. 

Inclusive Excellence and Engaged Leadership

University of Alberta Professor and 2018 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Fellow Malinda Smith co-authored The Equity Myth, which delves into some of these fundamental issues the Future Forums explored. This book examines the status, representation and daily experiences of Indigenous and cultural minority faculty in Canadian English-language universities. While the academic community considers itself to be inclusive and an advocate of diversity, how can one explain that it paradoxically continues to exclude various forms of knowledge and makes only slow and flawed progress towards real equality of its members? How can one attain equity and what is our role in this uphill climb? These were some of the questions we discussed throughout the Future Forums

Strategic Plan and Report for the General Public

As part of our effort to innovate the Foundation’s mission, we will continue to develop strategies to ensure inclusion and diversity within our community. By visiting communities and institutions in every corner of the country, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation has set the stage for Inclusive Excellence and Engaged Leadership to fill a key role in our programs. This will come about through a strategic plan which will follow from the analysis of data collected during the Future Forums, and input from the Foundation community.

We will also publish a report for the general public on the findings of our Future Forums consultations.