29 February 2016 - 5:00pm to 1 March 2016 - 5:00pm

Goodenough College, Mecklenburgh Square, London WC1N 2AB, UK

The seminar is organized by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, in collaboration with Goodenough College, London, United Kingdom.

Borders and Belonging: Citizenship in an Age of Transition

Every day a new headline speaks to the changing landscape of borders, where the boundaries that demarcate the world are increasingly under pressure by migration, conflict, technology, and transportation. Today, there are more international migrants and more refugees than at any point in human history. And yet, borders still matter. Citizenship gives people rights and a sense of belonging, and governments manage immigration and settlement. What are the implications of this unprecedented mobility and diversity for the people who move and the countries to which they move? What protections need to be there for refugees who are outside their country of origin? And what are the implications of transnationalism for diasporas in an increasingly globalized society?


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Monday 29 February 2016

5:15 pm           Drinks (Atrium) [by invitation only]

6:00 pm           Dinner – seated, 3 courses (Large Common Room) [by invitation only]
Reflections by Marie Wilson, 2016 Trudeau mentor and former Commissioner, Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

8:00 pm           Discussion (Great Hall)
Port Talk | Borders and belonging, citizenship in an age of transition
This moderated discussion will set the stage for the next day’s panels with thoughtful commentary on diversity- and pluralism-related issues that are top of mind or on the horizon in the UK and Canada.

John Lotherington, Program Consultant for the Salzburg Global Seminar and a Governor of Goodenough College

- Arif Virani, Liberal Party Member of Parliament for Parkdale–High Park, Canada; Alumnus of Goodenough College
- Kishwer FalknerBaroness Falkner of Margravine, Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords and Chairman of the Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Policy Committee on Foreign Affairs

Tuesday 1 March 2016

9:00 am           Registration with tea and coffee (Great Hall)

9:15 am           Words of welcome (Great Hall)
- Major-General Andrew S. Ritchie, Director, Goodenough College
- Morris Rosenberg, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

9:25 am           Introductory remarks (Great Hall)
The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario and 2004 Trudeau Mentor

9:30 am          Panel 1 | Inside Borders (Great Hall)
From migration to participation: Responses to immigration and changing demographics
How are states adapting to increasingly diverse populations? This panel asks experts in immigration law, grass-roots initiatives, business, and government to discuss Canadian, British, and other approaches to integration, social cohesion, and the economic impacts of immigration and diversity.  

Bessma Momani, 2015 Trudeau Fellow and Professor of Political Science, University of Waterloo

- Yvonne Agyei, Vice-President for International People Operations, Google
- Anwar Akhtar, Director of The Samosa, www.thesamosa.co.uk
- Marie Deschamps, 2015 Trudeau Mentor and former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada
- Martin Ruhs, Associate Professor of Political Economy, Kellogg College, University of Oxford

11:00 am           Coffee break  (Great Hall)

11:30 am           Panel 2 | Outside Borders  (Great Hall)
Addressing the international crisis of displacement
This panel looks at both crisis management and a longer-term perspective on how to address the needs of displaced people – some of the world’s most vulnerable populations. How is our definition of “refugee” holding up? How are states and other actors responding to mixed movements of people; what is the landscape of regional approaches, resettlement strategies, and collaboration between national and international organisations?

Rebecca Sutton, 2014 Trudeau Scholar and PhD Candidate, London School of Economics

- Nahlah Ayed, Foreign Correspondent at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
- Georgette Gagnon, 2016 Trudeau Mentor and International Human Rights Lawyer
- Alexander Betts, Leopold Muller Professor of Forced Migration and International Affairs and Director of the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford
- Karl Pike, Refugees and Asylum Policy Manager, British Red Cross

1:00 pm           Public lunch (Freddie’s or off site)
                        Lunch by invitation (London House Large Common Room)

2:30 pm           Panel 3 | Beyond Borders  (Great Hall)
Transnational identity, diasporas, and global citizens
Globalisation and advances in information technology are keeping immigrant communities more connected to their countries of origin than ever before – personally, commercially, culturally, and politically. Different jurisdictions have evolved different approaches to their diaspora: both those of their citizens who live abroad, and those foreigners who, while not citizens, once studied or worked in the country and still maintain ties. This panel will examine the experience of diasporas; the economic and social implications of transnational identity, especially among youth; and the changing nature of citizenship.

John Stackhouse, 2016 Trudeau Mentor and Senior Vice-President, Office of the CEO, Royal Bank of Canada

- Stefania Barichello, PhD candidate in law at the University of London and Member of Goodenough College
- Corey Cook, Chief Administrative Officer at RBC Global Asset Management and Governor at Goodenough College
- Karin Ehnbom-Palmquist, Secretary General of Swedes Worldwide
- Arif Lalani, Canada's Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and Special Envoy to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
- Shri A.S. Rajan, Minister (coordination), High Commission of India in London, UK

4 pm                Coffee break  (Great Hall)

4:30 pm           Concluding plenary  (Great Hall)

- Farah Mohamed, Chief Executive Officer of G(irls)20 and Director, The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

- David Morgan, 2013 Trudeau Scholar and doctoral candidate in political science, Dalhousie University
- Marie Aronsson-Storrier, Research Associate in Global Law and Disasters at the University of Reading, doctoral candidate at Melbourne Law School, and Member of Goodenough College


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Guy Berthiaume

Guy Berthiaume is the librarian and archivist of Canada. Formerly, he led the Quebec National Library and Archives and spent two decades at the apex of institutions of culture, research and higher education in Quebec and France.

2010 Mentors

Marie Deschamps

A former justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, she enriches the Foundation community with her vast knowledge of the courts and the law in Canada and abroad.

2015 Mentors

Elizabeth Dowdeswell

She is the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. Previously, she was the President and CEO of the Council of Canadian Academies after being the Under-Secretary General of the United Nations.

2004 Mentors

Farah Mohamed

Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Policy & Public Affairs, Toronto Region Board of Trade

2015 Directors

Bessma Momani

Professor Bessma Momani is an expert on global economic governance issues, Canadian foreign policy, Arab Spring, Arab Canadians and Arab youth.

2015 Fellows

Cleo Paskal

Ms. Cléo Paskal's expertise lies in the bridging of global issues along geopolitical, geoeconomic and geophysical lines, particularly with regards to global environmental change and security.

2015 Fellows

Kent Roach

A specialist in constitutional law and human rights advocate, Professor Roach has made his mark through work on security certificates in the wake of the war on terrorism and redress for the abuses of the residential schooling system.

2013 Fellows

John Stackhouse

An award-winning journalist and the former editor-in-chief of The Globe and Mail, John Stackhouse, now a senior vice-president of the Royal Bank of Canada, advises the bank on public policy and on economic, political, and social affairs.  

2016 Mentors

Jillian Stirk

Retired after 30 years of service in the foreign service, she brings strategic expertise in foreign policy and multilateral negotiations.

2015 Mentors

Rebecca Sutton

She is studying the international community’s response to armed conflict today through the new lens of law, war, and aid combined.

2014 Scholars

Marie Wilson

After 35 years as an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, and pioneer of Northern Canada’s first daily television news service, Marie Wilson served as one of three commissioners of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

2016 Mentors