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The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation promotes research and public dialogue on four themes that are critical to our collective future: human rights and dignity, people in their natural environment, Canada and the world, and responsible citizenship.

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Our scholars give back. They serve Canada’s communities to improve our common future- and with your help, they can do more.

Scholar Tammara Soma; is leading a social innovation lab that is tackling food waste and food insecurity in Toronto by bringing together producers, distributors, retailers, consumers and social agencies, all of whom have a stake in a healthier, sustainable and affordable food system.

Scholar Aaron Mills; is working with his home community, the Couchiching First Nation, to revive the legends which are traditional sources of Indigenous law. The project will make the participating members of the Couchiching community more knowledgeable about one of their most important legal institutions and can serve as a foundation for greater understanding between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. 

Both Tammara and Aaron are doing this leadership work while completing their PhDs.

These are just two examples of how Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation scholars and fellows are addressing some of Canada’s toughest issues through their research and public engagement.;

Your charitable donation means that long into the future many more innovative leaders like Aaron and Tammara will be able to strengthen their vital work through their relationship with the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.

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