Leah Trueblood

Study program:
DPhil Law
Current affiliation:
University of Oxford

Leah Trueblood is seeking to determine whether we can provide for a more just society by clarifying and improving the legal obligations we face in our daily lives.

Leah works at the intersection of legal and political philosophy. Her research considers what the role of political parties is, and should be, in representative democracies.

Political Parties and Political Will

Political parties are some of the most important actors in representative democracies. They aggregate and articulate the political will of the electorate and are one of the mechanisms politicians use to shape political will too. Leah’s research considers what the roles of political parties are, and should be, in representative democracies. Leah thinks one of the main ways representative democracies can be improved is by reforming political parties. 

Leah holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Alberta, an LLB in Law from the London School of Economics, and an MSt in Legal Philosophy from Oxford. Her research interests are in legal, political, and moral philosophy. She spends most of her time perpetuating Canadian stereotypes.