John McGarry

John McGarry exemplifies Canadian expertise in conflict resolution and peacekeeping and is actively engaged in the critical negotiations currently taking place in Cyprus.

John McGarry specializes in ethnic conflict and conflict resolution, and particularly on how power-sharing and federalism can be used to promote peace, stability and prosperity in deeply divided polities. John is particularly interested in the design of political institutions such as the executive, legislature and judiciary, and in how to decentralize (or non-centralize) power so that local communities are self-governing. John’s work has both an academic and a public policy dimension. He has worked on several deeply divided polities, including Northern Ireland, Cyprus and Iraq, seeking to find ways for these to work so that they accommodate the state's different communities

John McGarry was born in Northern Ireland in 1957 and emigrated to Canada in 1981. He received his BA from Trinity College Dublin and his MA and PhD from the University of Western Ontario. He taught at the University of Western Ontario and University of Waterloo before moving to Queen's University in 2002, where he is currently a professor of political studies and a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Nationalism and Democracy. McGarry has advised governments and appeared as an expert witness before a committee of the U.S. Congress.  In 2008-09, he served as the first senior advisor on power-sharing at the United Nations (Mediation Support Unit, Department of Political Affairs). He is presently the lead advisor on governance to the UN-led negotiations in Cyprus. In 2010, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.