Jeremy Schmidt

Study program:
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Human Geography, Durham University

Jeremy is an assistant professor of Human Geography at Durham University.

Jeremy Schmidt is an assistant professor of Human Geography at Durham University. He was a Banting Post-doctoral Fellow at Dalhousie University and a SSHRC Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Anthropology at Harvard University. He received his PhD in Geography from the University of Western Ontario. He completed his Masters in Geography at McGill University and holds two undergraduate degrees, each with double majors: philosophy & geography (University of Lethbridge), theology & wilderness leadership (Prairie). He is the co-editor of Water ethics: foundational readings for students and professionals (Island Press, 2010) and his work appears of is forthcoming in journals such as Environmental Values, Ecology & Society, Society and Natural Resources and Review of Radical Political Economy. The Parkland Institute at the University of Alberta has published his work on Albertan water policy and his recommendations on justice and First Nations water rights have been put directly to the government on the floor of Alberta’s Legislative Assembly. His website is:

Experience as a Trudeau Scholar

If I had to distill a single lesson from my experiences as a Trudeau Scholar it would be this: take joy in ideas. That lesson emerges out of interactions with the public servants, public intellectuals and publicly funded students that form the Trudeau community, all of whom exhibit leadership that promises not only to mirror the world, but to change it through thoughtful civic engagement. The experience of being a Trudeau Scholar, however, has not been singular; the Foundation’s many programs and events, administrative support, and commitment to its vision have all reinforced the importance of pursuing creative solutions to complex social and environmental problems. In addition, I am grateful to the Trudeau community’s patience, wisdom, and engagement.