Haideh Moghissi

Current affiliation:
York University

After a prolific career in Iran as an archivist, Professor Moghissi became an internationally acclaimed analyst of women's issues in the Muslim world.

Haideh Moghissi, a 2011 Trudeau fellow and perhaps Canada’s leading international scholar of gender, women, and Islam, is a professor of sociology and equity studies at York University. Born and raised in Iran, Moghissi was one of the founders of the Iranian National Union of Women. Her body of research has been consistently and profoundly informed by her resolute commitment to meaningful, sustainable change, to social justice, and to gender democracy in the Middle East. The recipient of several major awards, Moghissi has led several international collaborative research projects on the interacting elements that define the increasing tensions between self-identified Muslim migrants and their new countries. 


Her publications in English includes seven monographs and edited volumes and 35 articles in books  and journals such as Feminist Theory, Signs, Monthly Review, Humanity and Sociology, Third World Quarterly, Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Socialist Register, Global Dialogue, Comparative Family Studies and International Review of Comparative Public Policy.

Her Feminism and Islamic Fundamentalism: The Limits of Postmodern Analysis (Oxford University Press, 2000 and Zed Press, 1999), winner of Choice Outstanding Academic Book Award, has been translated to Korean and Indonesian.

Haideh Moghissi is a professor of sociology and women's studies at York University in Toronto. She was one of the founders of the Iranian National Union of Women and was a member of its first executive and editorial boards, before leaving Iran in 1984.
At York, Dr. Moghissi has served as associate dean of external relations at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies; as coordinator of the Certificate for Anti-Racist Research and Practice, as chair of the Executive Committee of the Centre for Feminist Research, and as a member of the executive committee of the Centre for Refugee Studies. She has commented on Iran and women in the Middle East on CBC, TVO, the BBC World Service, Radio France, and Voice of America, and has sat on the editorial and advisory boards of the Journal of Comparative Public Policy, the Women and Politics series by Routledge, Resources for Feminist Research, and Feminist Forum. Her second book, Feminism and Islamic Fundamentalism, won the Choice Outstanding Academic Books Award for sociology.

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