David Theodore

Study program:
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, McGill University

David is an Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture at McGill University.

Building Health: Hospital Environments as Medical Technology

David Theodore’s doctoral project seeks to understand the spatial, social, and environmental consequences of technological change in health care settings, building on Canada's commitment to universal health care and the role of medical facilities in promoting community identity. What is the social role and cultural impact of architecture for medicine? How does health care architecture sustain and promote health?

David Theodore recently completed a doctorate in the History of Architecture, Medicine, and Science at Harvard University, and has joined the School of Architecture, McGill University, as Assistant Professor. He has co-published on the history of medicine and architecture in the Canadian Bulletin of Medical History, Social Science & Medicine, and Scientia Canadensis. An active design journalist and critic, he is a regional correspondent for Canadian Architect, a contributing editor at Azure, and a contributor to The Phaidon Atlas of 21st-Century World Architecture

Experience as a Trudeau Scholar

What do Trudeau Foundation Scholars do? In my life as a Trudeau Foundation Scholar, I: posed as a human statue on a sidewalk in downtown Montreal; talked convertibles with a former director of CSIS; visited the President’s Residence at the University of Saskatchewan; talked to robots in the basement of St. Olav’s Hospital in Trondheim, Norway; went on a guided tour of social housing in the Ottawa suburbs led by a front-line community worker; learned about skies in Uganda while watching a thunderstorm approach across the Canadian prairie; talked about the task of writing with a novelist whose books I devoured in high school; introduced my son to a former Chief Scientist of Canada; discussed the economics of American healthcare reform over lunch with Canada’s Chief Statistician Emeritus; and, mostly, changed.