Armelle Choquart


Executive Assistant

As the Foundation’s Executive Assistant, Armelle Choquart supports the President & CEO in carrying out her mandate, while ensuring sound administration in the interest of the Foundation.

Armelle has extensive professional experience in the areas of administrative support and translation. She most recently held the position of Executive Assistant to the MUHC Council of Nurses. As such, Armelle assumed all administrative tasks of the surgical managers unit. She has also been a project manager for translation, leading large-scale projects, such as the call for tenders for the MUHC and technical manuals in more than 25 languages. Throughout her career, she has implemented numerous initiatives to optimize business processes and implement best practices, fostering a culture that maximizes operational efficiencies at all levels.

Passionate about foreign languages ​​and cultural diversity, she decided to leave France to live in Canada over 10 years ago, after a year of study at York University, Glendon Campus as part of her MA in translation.

Armelle holds a Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages ​​and Management from the University of Rouen and a Master's degree in Translation from the University of Cergy-Pontoise.