22 May 2017

The past year has seen several large and controversial referendums around the world, the most notable being Brexit and the Turkish referendum on presidential powers. While referendums are often cast as a very direct form of democracy, 2013 scholar Leah Trueblood questions this assumption. She was recently featured on CBC’s Ideas from the Trenches, which showcases the work of PhD students. Leah highlights the fact that the level of discourse and debate before referendums is often poor, leaving voters uninformed or misled about the implications of the vote’s outcome.

Listen to the full episode here.

2016 scholar Jesse Thistle was also recently featured on Ideas from the Trenches in an episode entitled “Return of the Michif Boy: Confronting Métis trauma.”

Leah Trueblood

Leah’s research concerns the roles of, and justifications for, referendums in representative democracies.

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