7 April 2017

Looking at immigration policy in Canada, 2012 Trudeau fellow Joseph Heath, a philosopher and professor at the University of Toronto, has two pieces of advice for the United States. The first is to stop treating Spanish as a national language. Immigrants in Canada are expected to learn to speak and to operate in one of Canada’s official languages: French or English. One way that the Government of Canada communicates this expectation, is by providing extensive support and funding for English and French language education. Heath’s second piece of advice is to stop providing immigrants with affirmative action programs. To find out why, read his article in In Due Course.

Read Heath’s full article in In Due Course

Joseph Heath

A renowned philosopher with an acute capacity to debunk widespread ideas on environmental, economical, social, and political issues, the scholarly and mainstream works of Professor Heath engage Canadians to ask fundamental questions about our society and how to make it more just.

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