28 March 2017

In contrast to its neighbours to the south and in like-minded European and Scandinavian nations, Canada has never committed funding within its development budget to LGBT rights. Yet Canadian organizations have been at the forefront of pioneering innovative work on LGBT rights with local partners around the world. Most of this work has been funded by foreign countries. In Open Canada, 2015 Trudeau scholar Erin Aylward points out the paradox and reminds us that The Dignity Initiative, along with 25 national and international civil society organizations, underlined the critical need for stronger Canadian funding commitments in its submission to Canada’s International Assistance Review in June 2016.

Read Erin’s full op-ed in Open Canada

Erin Aylward

Erin Aylward (political science, University of Toronto) is analyzing the influence of advocacy and international diplomacy on public opinion and political action in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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