5 December 2018
On September 6th and 7th, 2018, the University of Helsinki hosted a conference entitled Women of the Arctic: Bridging Policy, Research and Lived Experience, an event co-hosted by Tahnee Prior, 2015 Foundation Scholar, in parallel with the 2018 UArctic Congress.
Bringing together women living or working in the Arctic, including decision makers, activists and artists, the conference explored the challenges and successes women face in the Arctic. In a context where numerous discussion forums about the Arctic are taking place each year, this was a rare opportunity to focus specifically on women's perspectives on the region and their roles and contributions to different challenges and various aspects of life in the Arctic.
The conference focused on three major topics: northern women in leadership roles; women in Arctic science and exploration; and the role of arts in healing from systemic and gender-based violence in northern communities.
Tahnee has published a report, along with co-authors Malgorzata Smieszek and Olivia Matthews, about this event in Arctic Yearbook 2018.
A short, informative video was also produced in connection with the event: 


Tahnee Prior

Tahnee Prior (global governance, University of Waterloo) hopes to define a new governance framework that will address the emerging and complex issues caused by climate change, resource extraction, migration, and potential inter-state conflict in the Arctic.

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