6 July 2017

The Government introduced Bill C-45, which would legalize cannabis use, last month. The bill is controversial, and there are a few arguments against the bill that are frequently sited in the parliamentary debate on the issue. 2017 scholar Stephanie Lake recently wrote a column in iPolitics dissecting three such arguments. She examines the claims that:

  1. legalization has led to increased rates of cannabis use among youth in Colorado and Washington,
  2. cannabis impaired driving and traffic fatalities have increased in Colorado and Washington since legalization, and
  3. cannabis legalization led to increased organized crime activity and explosive illicit markets in Washington, Colorado and Uruguay.

Lake finds that in reality the research on these claims provides unclear and in many cases insufficient evidence to back them up.

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Stephanie Lake

Stephanie Lake (population and public health, University of British Columbia) is investigating how the medical use and legalization of cannabis might help the ongoing opioid overdose crisis affecting British Columbia and the rest of Canada.

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