26 January 2017

On 26 January, the Public Policy Forum released a major study on news media in Canada entitled The Shattered Mirror: News, Democracy and Trust in the Digital Age. 2006 Trudeau scholar and University of British Columbia journalism professor Taylor Owen contributed to the preliminary study on which the report is based.

The exhaustive study looks at the decline of the traditional media’s business model, the under-development of digital-only news providers, the consolidation of digital distribution revenues, the rise of fake news, and the way that these major shifts are affecting the health of Canada’s democracy.

The report offers insight into the state of the news two decades into its existential crisis. It also supplies ideas for how to respond. Visit www.shatteredmirror.ca for more.

Taylor Owen

Taylor is Assistant Professor of Digital Media and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia and a Senior Fellow at the Columbia Journalism School.

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