9 March 2017

On 7 February 2017, Bernard Richard, Acting BC Representative for Children and Youth, released Broken Promises, a report that highlights numerous failings in British Columbia’s child welfare system and calls for a sweeping reform of supports for youth in long-term care. In an op-ed published in Policy Options, 2014 scholar Melanie Doucet suggests four ways to prevent disastrous outcomes for young people who “aging out” of foster care:  

  1. Listen to what youth in care have to say about how the supporting adults in their lives might play a role in their care. 
  2. Stop insisting that youth in care master independent living at the age of majority.
  3. Break down walls between governments, academia, advocates, front-line workers and communities, and start working together toward a common goal: improving the lives of youth in care.
  4. Engage the public through volunteer programs, campaigns and dialogue opportunities. 

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Melanie Doucet

She is analyzing the social and health services that youth receive from the Child Protection System to propose ways to improve them.

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