13 December 2017

In August, 2014 fellow and McGill professor of social work Myriam Denov published a new book co-edited with Bree Akeson. Children Affected by Armed Conflict (Columbia University Press) is "drawing from empirical studies in eleven conflict-ridden countries, including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Colombia, Uganda, Palestine, Somalia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and South Sudan. [It] crosses cultures and contexts to capture a range of perspectives on the realities of armed conflict and its aftermath for children." 

Photo: McGill University

Myriam Denov

Professor Denov works on the conditions and the prospects of children born of rape in Northern Uganda and other conflict zones. Grounded in one-on-one work with former child soldiers and with the soldiers’ own children, her Trudeau project will inform Canada’s programs for youth and families attempting to resettle after surviving war.

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