5 June 2017

The use of digital technology has transformed the way news is produced, distributed, and received. These ongoing changes in journalism have created an opportunity for scholars to rethink how they approach this dynamic field of inquiry. In Remaking the News: Essays on the Future of Journalism Scholarship in the Digital Age (MIT Press), leading experts chart the future of studies on technology and journalism in the digital age. In a chapter entitled “The Whitespace Press: Designing Meaningful Absences into Networked News,” 2006 Trudeau scholar Mike Ananny discusses the importance of silence and listening, questioning how these concepts might be more meaningfully integrated into journalism today.

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Mike Ananny

Mike is an Assistant Professor at USC's Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. He has worked or consulted with LEGO, Mattel and Nortel Networks, helping to translate research concepts and prototypes into new product lines and services.

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