5 September 2017

Herself a former youth in care, Melanie Doucet – a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation scholar, a SSHRC doctoral fellow, and a PhD student at McGill University – is the new head of “Relationships Matter,” a collaborative project by Fostering Change / the Vancouver Foundation. Using images and stories, the project will look at supportive relationships in the lives of young people in the Greater Vancouver area who have aged out of care, and how those relationships can be developed and nurtured over time. A local photographer will train the youth to capture images that reflect their feelings about their relationships, and weekly meetings will produce an exhibit that showcases their work and calls for specific policy changes.

Services are framed around making youth independent from care, but this sets them up for failure. No-one expects youth who aren’t in care to live independently when they’re still so young, so why should it be expected of youth from care?” – Melanie Doucet

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Melanie Doucet

She is analyzing the social and health services that youth receive from the Child Protection System to propose ways to improve them.

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