16 November 2016

2014 scholar Melanie Doucet wrote an op-ed in the Vancouver Sun about youth aging out of care. She also was interviewed by Radio-Canada British Columbia and Yukon. Partnering with the Vancouver Foundation at the 13th Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation’s annual conference in Vancouver, she wants to share and hear young people’s ideas of ways to change the system.

“As a former youth in care, I know how badly policies focused on “aging out” at the age of majority can hurt young people. […] Youth in care do not have a political voice. Yet nobody knows better than they do what policies will make the biggest difference. By treating marginalized youth as valuable experts and contributors to social policy, we can produce policies that work and are cost-efficient.”

Read the full op-ed
Listen to her interview (Starts at 1:11:28)

Melanie Doucet

She is analyzing the social and health services that youth receive from the Child Protection System to propose ways to improve them.

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