14 August 2017

2017 scholar Stephanie Lake sees the legalization of marijuana as a potentially important, if incidental, response to the current opioid crisis. In a recent article co-written with MJ Milloy for The Conversation, she examines the various effects that the increased availability of cannabis may have on those who are suffering from chronic non-cancer pain, those who are addicted to opioids, and those who are both. Amongst other issues, the article considers whether the use of marijuana as a treatment for pain could reduce the incidence of opioid addiction and mortality and whether marijuana’s use as an anxiety treatment could moderate cravings and relapses in those battling opioid addiction.

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Stephanie Lake

Stephanie Lake (population and public health, University of British Columbia) is investigating how the medical use and legalization of cannabis might help the ongoing opioid overdose crisis affecting British Columbia and the rest of Canada.

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