8 March 2017

A traditionally nomadic people, the Dene have no word for homelessness, a rare condition in the Canadian North prior to the 1990s. In No Home in a Homeland (UBC Press), 2008 Trudeau scholar Julia Christensen documents the rise of Indigenous homelessness and argues that the alarming trend will continue as long as policymakers continue to ignore Northern perspectives and the root causes of the condition. Those causes lie deep in the region's colonial past.

If you are interested in purchasing a hardcover copy of No Home in a Homeland, a 40% discount is available for Julia’s colleagues. Please send her an email to receive the code. All royalties will be donated to the Centre for Northern Families, the Inuvik Homeless Shelter, and the Salvation Army Shelter in Yellowknife. A softcover version of the book is expected later this year.

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Photo: Corey Kereliuk, McGill Reporter

Julia Christensen

Assistant professor of geography and planning at Roskilde University in Denmark and a research fellow at the Institute of Circumpolar Health Research in Yellowknife, NWT

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