15 June 2017

Bill C-16, which adds protections for gender identity and expression to the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code, recently passed in parliament. 2016 scholar Ido Katri reflected on the importance of this change in an op-ed, co-written with Brenda Cossman for The Globe and Mail. According to Katri and Cossman, the bill is historic. However, they write that “the work of real equality has only just begun. Turning formal rights into substantive protections for trans and gender non-binary individuals will be a hard process, and Bill C-16 provides only the simplest of tools.”

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Ido Katri

Ido Katri (droit, Université de Toronto) propose une approche pour promouvoir l’autodétermination du genre, qui tienne compte à la fois de la diversité des défis propres aux personnes trans et qui valorise leurs expériences vécues avec le système juridique.

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