12 March 2015

A Châtelaine magazine article investigates why, when it comes to health, many of us trust celebrities over science, as if we have become "so gullible and star-struck that we’re incapable of critical thought." To examine the question, journalist Sydney Loney interviews Canadian experts, including 2012 Trudeau scholar Steven Hoffman and 2013 Trudeau fellow Timothy Caulfield. Hoffman and Caulfield are both studying how actors, professional athletes and pop stars influence our everyday health decisions, respectively at McMaster University and at the University of Alberta.

Illustration: Matthew Billington for Châtelaine

Steven Hoffman

Steven Hoffman wishes to leverage Canadian innovations in public health to help resolve health and security issues on the international scene.

2012 Scholars

Timothy Caulfield

This unrivalled communicator is debunking myths and assumptions about innovation in the health sector – from research on stem cells to diets to alternative medicine – for the benefit of the public and decision-makers. 

2013 Fellows