10 April 2017

The issue of police officers deeming a Western University student’s sexual assault allegations unfounded has been in the headlines recently after a Globe and Mail investigation exposed how widespread this phenomenon is in Canada. 2013 fellow Kent Roach and 2007 scholar Elaine Craig weighed in on the case of one woman who is pursuing a lawsuit claiming that the mishandling sexual assault by police constitutes a violation of a woman’s charter right to equality. Craig believes that “just bringing a claim of this sort is ground-breaking, regardless of the outcome because … it’s framing the issue as a matter of constitutionality – as a fundamental right.”

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Elaine Craig

Associate professor, Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University

2007 Scholars

Kent Roach

A specialist in constitutional law and human rights advocate, Professor Roach has made his mark through work on security certificates in the wake of the war on terrorism and redress for the abuses of the residential schooling system.

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