3 August 2016

University Affairs magazine August issue focuses on the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation’s impact on its community members of scholars, fellows and mentors, which has grown over the years to 350. In addition to this continuing support, the article underlines its dedication to backing risk-taking research.

The two community members highlighted are Myriam Denov, a 2014 fellow working on the stigmatization of children born of war-time rape in Uganda, and 2015 scholar William Hébert, whose research concerns the treatment of transgender people, especially during incarceration.

Morris Rosenberg, president and chief executive officer, explains that the Foundation is trying to strengthen the links between the Foundation’s growing community of scholars, mentors, and fellows and leaders outside the academy by creating more opportunities for outreach and public engagement.

Read the article here.

Myriam Denov

Professor Denov works on the conditions and the prospects of children born of rape in Northern Uganda and other conflict zones. Grounded in one-on-one work with former child soldiers and with the soldiers’ own children, her Trudeau project will inform Canada’s programs for youth and families attempting to resettle after surviving war.

2014 Fellows

William Hébert

William Hébert (social-cultural anthropology, University of Toronto) is investigating the emergence of trans-affirming policies and projects for trans prisoners in Canada, and asking what they reveal about the conditions of, and limits to, inclusion.

2015 Scholars

Morris Rosenberg

2005 mentor, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation (2014 to 2018)

2014 Mentors