25 July 2017

The verdict of an Ontario sexual assault case involving two PhD students was overturned because the judge’s decision was deemed incomprehensible. In a recent op-ed for The Star, 2017 scholar Daniel Del Gobbo describes how this case is evidence that the justice system frequently causes the survivors of sexual assault further trauma instead of providing them with justice. While federal law dealing with sexual assault has recently been modernized, Del Gobo does not believe it goes far enough. According to him, “We need to fundamentally rethink the way that the law handles sexual violence. To do that, we should start by asking survivors what “justice” means to them.” He believes that restorative justice processes are a promising alternative to criminal proceedings for many survivors.

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Daniel Del Gobbo

Daniel Del Gobbo (law, University of Toronto) is researching the role of alternative dispute resolution in addressing campus sexual violence in Canada.

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