27 July 2017

Indonesia appears to be following in the footsteps of the Philippines where drug policy is concerned. President Joko Widodo recently ordered police officers to shoot suspected drug dealers. In an op-ed for Al Jazeera, 2014 scholar Claudia Stoicescu describes how ineffective this strategy is, stating that “experience from countries with punitive approaches shows that crackdowns and criminalization of people who use drugs, which cost states an estimated $100bn annually, not only fail to reduce the prevalence of drug use, but increase drug-related criminality, drive people away from health and support services, and fuel the HIV and hepatitis C epidemics.” She believes that political motivations are behind the policy because Indonesians are beginning to look towards the 2019 presidential elections and shows of strength like this one are popular in the polls whether they are effective or not.

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Claudia Stoicescu

Ms. Stoicescu is investigating the trigger elements of sexual and injection-related HIV risk behaviours among women who use drugs and marginalized women in Indonesia.

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