16 May 2013

Following the official announcement of the 2013 Trudeau scholars, many universities and media have published articles about the newest recipients of the most prestigious doctoral award in social sciences and humanities in Canada.

Here are these articles:

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Chiara Camponeschi

Chiara is exploring how cities are changing the landscape of climate governance and how emerging approaches to resilience planning might inform innovative and inclusive environmental urban policy.

2013 Scholars

Anna-Louise Crago

Among vulnerable groups victimized by armed conflict, sex workers are the most easily overlooked. Anna-Louise asks whether they could be better protected.

2013 Scholars

Kyle Kirkup

The human rights and dignity of LGBT individuals cannot be addressed by family law alone. Kyle Kirkup wonders whether it is possible to achieve equality for LGBT community members in the domain of criminal law.

2013 Scholars

Ryan Liss

Ryan Liss seeks to determine whether a common set of fundamental justice principles can rally the nations of the world, as was done in the case of international criminal justice.

2013 Scholars

Jean Frédéric Ménard

Legal and ethical dilemmas proliferate in the context of neonatal intensive care. Jean Frédéric Ménard is researching whether it is possible to reconcile ethics and the law in the best interests of the child.

2013 Scholars

Sara Pavan

Her postdoctoral research will focus on the psychological underpinning of immigrants' political voice.

2013 Scholars

Leah Trueblood

Leah’s research concerns the roles of, and justifications for, referendums in representative democracies.

2013 Scholars

Emily White

Traditionally, courts have hesitated to give emotions a place in judicial decisions. Emily White is looking into a way to use emotions in the service of human rights and dignity.

2013 Scholars

Robyn Sneath

Drawing on over a century of history of Mennonite communities in Canada, Robyn Sneath is learning about how government education policies may have conflicted with Mennonites’ vision of citizenship.

2013 Scholars

David Morgan

David Morgan seeks to explore the changing landscape of humanitarian aid, and the ways in which aid agencies can better adapt to an evolving global context.

2013 Scholars

Sophia Murphy

How do nations achieve food sovereignty? Sophia Murphy is exploring international and local mechanisms to improve food security. 

2013 Scholars