17 February 2017

Over the past year, “truth” has taken a serious beating — and so have “facts,” “evidence,” and “science.” Asserting that there is a scientific consensus on an issue seems to have little persuasive force. In a column in Policy Options, 2013 Trudeau fellow Timothy Caulfield wrote about the dismissal of science in areas such as GMO safety, homeopathy, organic and gluten-free food, vaccination, integrative health, and supplements. “Good, independent, well-done, reproducible research that is produced in a transparent and collaborative manner is the biggest enemy of pseudoscience,” writes Caulfield. "Bad science, tainted by clear conflicts, will only fuel the doubters and fan the anti-truth flames.”

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Timothy Caulfield

This unrivalled communicator is debunking myths and assumptions about innovation in the health sector – from research on stem cells to diets to alternative medicine – for the benefit of the public and decision-makers. 

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