16 December 2013

Exceptionally this year, to mark the tenth edition of the event, The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is happy to share a cornucopia of photos and videos of Democracy in the 21st Century on its Facebook and YouTube sites. The conference sessions have been posted in their entirety. Please visit these links:

Photos of the Xth Annual Trudeau Foundation Conference

Keynote Address by Shawn Atleo: "Indigenous Rights Are Human Rights: Recognition and Implementation, Important For All of Canada"
Keynote Address by Cleo Paskal: "How Changes to the Three “Geos” – Geophysics, Geopolitics and Geoeconomics – Are Rewriting the World Map"
Keynote Address by May Telmissany: "The Right to Nomadic Citizenship: Beyond Globalization and Cosmopolitanism"
Keynote Address by John Authers: "Globalisation and Its Contradictions: Can Markets and Democracy Co-Exist?"
Panel discussion on responsible citizenship with Patrick Pichette and Paule Leduc
Panel discussion on people and their natural environment with William E. Rees and Arthur John Hanson
Panel discussion on Canada in the world with Louise Arbour and Sujit Choudhry
Panel discussion on human rights and dignity with Samantha Nutt and Stephen Toope
Presentation of the four national public opinion surveys by Keith Neuman
Panel discussion with Montreal's four universities, with Graham Carr, Lucie Lamarche, Frédéric Mérand and Nandini Ramanujam

The Foundation would like to thank its partners for their generous contribution to the success of this event. See you next year in Toronto from 20 to 22 November 2014!